Qaraqol Introduction

Hi, and welcome to our first guild blog post.

We are a new WAX Guild, founded in March 2024. Our goal is to bring WAX to underrepresented communities in the Middle East.

We already have multiple contributions to the WAX Blockchain:

  1. Alien Worlds Strategist: Funded by the Alien Worlds DAOs, we have been developing our main flagship product, the Alien Worlds Strategist. Our strategist allows Alien World players to find new tool setups with a click of a button and search through over 10,000 unique tool combinations.
  2. Qaraqol Tutorials & Blog: We run a blog helping people learn about the WAX Blockchain, Alien Worlds, and new projects. While interest in WAX and Alien Worlds has waned in the past few years, to date we have over 160,000 total impressions with 2-3000 impressions monthly for our content.
  3. Translations: We have been working on translating Anyo Academy’s courses into multiple languages such as Persian and Urdu. We also plan on translating other pieces of content and dapps. This is a major focus for us, since there is very little content in languages other than English for WAX and crypto in general.

Technical Infrastructure:

We understand having strong technical infrastructure is a core part of being a WAX guild, and we have not been idle.

We have set up a testnet block producer, price oracle, testnet ShiP, testnet hyperion, chain API, mainnet ShiP, Atomic Assets API.